How We Verify the Authenticity of Our Watches

How Affordable Swiss Watches Inc. Authenticates Our Luxury Timepiece

Buying a luxury watch is a significant investment, and at Affordable Swiss Watches Inc., we understand that trust is paramount. Ensuring the authenticity of each timepiece is a responsibility we take seriously. Below, we outline the steps we take to authenticate each watch, ensuring that every Rolex, Breitling, Omega, and others are 100% genuine.

Initial Examination
Every watch we consider for our inventory first undergoes a comprehensive visual inspection. Our experts look for specific markers and features that are characteristic of the brand and model. This helps us weed out any obvious counterfeits right off the bat.

Verification of Internal Parts
One of the most critical steps in our authentication process is the visual verification of the internal components. Our skilled technicians carefully open the watch to examine the movement, the serial number, and other internal elements. Each brand has unique mechanical characteristics, and we cross-reference these with official brand documentation to ensure authenticity.

Provenance Check
We also consider the watch's history and documentation. A genuine luxury timepiece often comes with certificates of authenticity, past service records, and an origin story that can be verified. While not all pre-owned watches will have complete paperwork, provenance is an essential factor in confirming a watch's authenticity.

Timekeeping Accuracy
A luxury watch should not only look the part but also function flawlessly. We test each watch's timekeeping capabilities to ensure they fall within the brand's specified tolerances. Any deviations could be a red flag for counterfeit or sub-par internal components.

Restoration and Servicing
If necessary, the watch will be restored and serviced at our dedicated service center. Our technicians use brand-specific tools and parts to bring each timepiece back to its optimal condition, further ensuring its authenticity.

Final Approval
Once the watch has passed all these checks, it receives our stamp of approval. Only then is it listed on our website, backed by our full money-back guarantee should it be found not to be genuine.

Transparent Communication
We're committed to making the process transparent for our customers. Feel free to inquire about the specific authentication steps taken for any watch you're interested in purchasing.

By following this rigorous authentication process, Affordable Swiss Watches Inc. ensures that you can shop with confidence, knowing that each timepiece is 100% genuine, down to the last internal part.